domenica 27 maggio 2007



01. Suspense! (1949, excerpt)
02. Rachel's - A French Galleasse (from the album Selenography, 1999)
03. Dylan Thomas - Under Milk Wood (read by Richard Burton, 1963, excerpt)
04. King Crimson - Three Of A Perfect Pair (from the album Three Of A Perfect Pair, 1984)
05. Edgar Allan Poe - Berenice (read by Giuseppe Cederna, excerpt)
06. Eluvium - Seeing You Off The Edges (from the album Copia, 2007)
07. Sketch Show - Wiper (from the album Loophole, 2003)
08. Jorge Luis Borges - A Poet's Craft (from The Craft Of Verse, 1967)
09. Huong Thanh - Bakida (from the album Dragonfly, 2001)
10. Tortoise - The Lithium Shifts (from the album It's All Around You, 2004)
11. Edgar Allan Poe - The Pit And The Pendulum (read by Christopher Lee, excerpt)
12. The Ascent Of Everest - If I Could Move Mountains (from the album How Lonely Sits The City, 2006)
13. The Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day / Reach For The Sun (from the album The Beginning Stages of The Polyphonic Spree, 2002)
14. Amore - Lapo 68 (from the album I Tendaggi del Primo Semestre, 2005)

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Anonimo ha detto...

Cool site, nice selection.

Anonimo ha detto...

dead link :(

Jonny Baldini ha detto...

AMS is back! Every episode so far has been reuploaded. You'll find the new links here: