lunedì 22 giugno 2009


Dedicated to Philip K. Dick


SIDE 1: Songs for PKD
01. Voices From Another Star (from the TV Documentary "A Day In The Afterlife Of Philip K. Dick", BBC Arena 1994, with Terry Gilliam - excerpt)
02. @rtbeat - Ancora Una Visione [Io Sono Vivo, Voi Siete Morti] (from the unreleased album "@rtbeat", 2004)
03. Haruomi Hosono - Aero (from the album "N.D.E. - Near Death Experience", 1995, mixed with an excerpt from "A Scanner Darkly" read by Paul Giamatti)
04. Delta V - Palmer Eldritch (from the album "Spazio", 1998)
05. Philip K. Dick - On Science-Fiction And Mainstream Fiction (interview excerpt)
06. Sonic Youth - Beauty Lies In The Eyes (from the album "Sister", 1987, dedicated to Philip K. Dick and his sister Jane)
07. Bunnydrums - Stop (from the album "PKD/Simulacra", 1983)

SIDE 2: Songs from PKD's life
01. I Finally Found A Setting For Despair (from the audiobook "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?", excerpt)
02. John Dowland - Lachrimae Antiquae [Flow My Teares] (from "Lachrimae Or Seven Teares", 1604)
03. Richard Wagner - Mime's Fright / Siegfried's Forging Of The Magic Sword / His Wanderings Through The Forest / His Slaying Of The Dragon / The Dragon's Lament (from the opera "Siegfried", 1871)
04. Philip K. Dick - If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some Of The Others (reading excerpt)
05. Wolfgang A. Mozart - Rex Tremendae (from the "Requiem KV 626", 1791, conducted by Leonard Bernstein)
06. Gustav Mahler - IV. Adagietto (from the "Symphony N. 5 In C Sharp Minor", 1902, conducted by Zubin Mehta)
07. Philip K. Dick - On Mind Swapping (from the documentary "The Gospel Of Philip K. Dick", 2000 - excerpt)
08. Claudio Monteverdi - Non M'è Grave Il Morire (from "Il Secondo Libro Dei Madrigali", 1590)
09. Harrison Ford - I Didn't Know How Long We Had Together... Who Does? (from the film "Blade Runner" directed by Ridley Scott - ending of the original 1982 version)

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Season's finale!

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