mercoledì 23 novembre 2011


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Side 1
01. Christopher Marlowe - Why This Is Hell, Nor Am I Out Of It ["Doctor Faustus", 1590]
02. Neil Young - What Did You Do To My Life ["Neil Young", 1969]
03. Mark McGuire - Another Dead End ["Get Lost", 2011]
04. Bad Things Happen ["Super 8" by J.J. Abrams]
05. Scott Walker - A Lover Loves ["The Drift", 2006]
06. Syd Barrett - Dark Globe ["The Madcap Laughs", 1970]
07. Just Because We Do What We Do [from the TV series "The Hustle"]
08. Marco Parente - Ascensore Inferno Piano Terra ["(Neve) Ridens Pt. 2", 2006]
09. Outrageous Cherry - Oh Lord Have Mercy on Me ["Black Snake Moan" OST, 2007]

Side 2
01. Il Carico Dei Suoni Sospesi - Goethe ["Condizione Alienata", 2011 - from Goethe's "Faust"]
02. Paul Williams - The Hell Of It ["The Phantom Of The Paradise", 1974]
03. The Walkmen - Stranded ["Lisbon", 2010]
04. Dino Buzzati - La Giacca Stregata ["Il Colombre", 1966]
05. Keith Emerson - Inferno (Main Theme) ["Inferno" OST, 1980]
06. Alice In Chains - Private Hell ["Black Gives Way To Blue", 2009]
07. Peter Greenaway - Through Me You Reach The City Of Despair ["A TV Dante: Inferno", 1989]
08. Ray LaMontagne - Till The Sun Turns Black ["Till The Sun Turns Black", 2006]
09. Italo Calvino - L'Inferno Dei Viventi ["Le Città Invisibili", 1972]

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5 commenti:

sudzy ha detto...

Thank you again for another installment of great mixes.

Lenchen ha detto...

Thank you for listening!

Anonimo ha detto...


if you like Il Carico Dei Suoni Sospesi you can download free all album at

thanks to share

Anonimo ha detto...

like your mixes VERY MUCH! Mille Gracie!

What a pity this links seems dead... would you be so kind as to upload it again?

Jonny Baldini ha detto...

AMS is back! Every episode so far has been reuploaded. You'll find the new links here: