mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012


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Side 1
01. Ernest Hemingway - The Thing That I Love To Do Most
02. Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice ["In Utero", 1993] from "Das Parfum" by Patrick Süskind
03. Francis Scott Fitzgerald reads "Ode To A Nightingale" by W.B. Yeats [excerpt]
04. Modest Mouse - Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes ["The Moon And Antarctica", 2004] from "The Great Gatsby" by Francis Scott Fitzgerald
05. Philip K. Dick - Pluriform Pseudo-Worlds [1977 interview]
06. Gary Numan - Are "Friends" Electric? ["Replicas", 1979] inspired by Philip K. Dick and William S. Burroughs
07. Iggy Pop - A Machine For Loving ["Préliminaires", 2009] from "Les Particules Élémentaires" by Michel Houellebecq
08. Ray Bradbury - On Being Rejected [interview]
09. Ancient Sky - Ray Bradbury ["T.R.I.P.S.", 2011] inspired by the works of Ray Bradbury

Side 2
01. Giuseppe Ungaretti - La Parola È Impotente ["L'Arte Della Poesia", interview]
02. Andrea Chimenti - Vanità ["Il Porto Sepolto", 2002] from a poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti
03. Vladimir V. Majakovskij - All'Amato Me Stesso ["Quattro Diversi Modi Di Morire In Versi" by Carmelo Bene]
04. Il Teatro Degli Orrori - Majakovskij ["A Sangue Freddo", 2009]
05. Ulver - The Voice Of The Devil, Plate 4 ["Themes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell", 1998]
06. Eugenio Montale - Meriggiare Pallido E Assorto [read by Eugenio Montale]
07. Michael Nyman - Questo Cazzo Voglio Io ["8 Lust Songs: I Sonetti Lussuriosi", 2008] from a poem by Pietro Aretino
08. Gabriel Garcia Márquez - El Compromiso Del Escritor [interview]
09. Radiohead - Banana Co. ["Itch", 1998] from "Cien Años De Soledad" by Gabriel García Márquez
10. Tom Waits - Alice ["Alice", 2002] from "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

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8 commenti:

sudzy ha detto...

Grazie, +999. I like your mixes very much. Happy new year to you.

Lenchen ha detto...

Thank you Sudzy! Got to keep on keepin' on!

Anonimo ha detto...

thx from finland! just discovered your blog after searching for a particular song by swod. I really like the idea of such a radio show ...

Anonimo ha detto...

Track 7 Side 1 is based on "La possibilité d'une île" not on "Les Particules Élémentaires", same author different book

sudzy ha detto...

Hello. I'm still following, but there has not been any new posts.. Are you still posting? Greetings from California.

Tora ha detto...

hey.. i love your show.. are there any valid links anymore for all of them?

Lenchen ha detto...

Thank you guys! The series has been temporarily paused, but some day soon I'm going to reupload all of the old shows (and some new ones too) so stay tuned!

Jonny Baldini ha detto...

AMS is back! Every episode so far has been reuploaded. You'll find the new links here: