giovedì 5 marzo 2015


«A Musical Statement» is back: every episode so far has been reuploaded, and a few new installments are on the way... So download, sit back, and enjoy.
If you spare a few minutes, please leave your feedback here. Any suggestions are welcome.
Sooner or later I'll add the new links to the old posts, so that everyone can actually know what they're going to listen to. For now, just go with the flow.
And now, the list:

AMS S01E01 - or
AMS S01E02 - or
AMS S01E03 - or
AMS S01E04 - or
AMS S01E05 - or
AMS S01E06 - or
AMS S01E07 - or
AMS S01E08 - or
AMS S01E09 - or
AMS S01E10 - or
AMS S01E11 - or
AMS S01E12 - or
AMS S01E13 - or
AMS S01E14 - or
AMS S01E15 - or
AMS S01E16 - or
AMS S01E17 - or
AMS S01E18 - or
AMS S02E01 - or
AMS S02E02 - or
AMS S02E03 - or
AMS S02E04 - or
AMS S02E05 - or
AMS S02E06 - or
AMS S02E07 - or
AMS S02E08 - or
AMS S02E09 - or
AMS S02E10 - or
AMS S02E11 - or
AMS S02E12 - or
AMS S02E13 - or
AMS S02E14 - or
AMS S03E01 - or
AMS S03E02 - or
AMS S03E03 - or
AMS S03E04 - or
AMS S03E05 - or
AMS S03E06 - or
AMS S03E07 - or
AMS S03E08 - or
AMS S03E09 - or

6 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Sir,

I just want to thank you for your good work!
I had stumbled over one of your files via an linksharing forum, an it was one of the best finds I ever had since internet is up.
You opened my horizon for totally new kinds of music, and the mix with other excerps is very inspiring.
If you allow me a suggestion, I might suggest more international excerps, first line in English, but not only. Italian quotes are very interesting, yet I think your newer files habe more Italian quotes than the other, but you have not only Italian listeners. The quotes, once again, are a very good break between the very fine and delicate choosen parts of music!

please keep your work up!

Yours faithfully
f from Germany

Anonimo ha detto...

Sai... mi piace un sacco ascoltare tutti questi compilazioni.
Li ho conosciuto da 3 anni fa e non può dimenticare come questa esperienza mi ha cambiato la maniera di ascoltare e di pensare.
Anche, credo che questo lavoro e veramente meraviglioso... Salve a te per il tuo buonissimo lavoro fatto qui....

Alonso Elizondo ( da messico ) ( )

Anonimo ha detto...

Caro amico.....
ho visto un dettaglio che ti potrà essere utile....
questo link :: AMS S02E10 - or

non serve per scaricare il Episode 10..... invece scarica il numero 11

Buona giornata¡¡

Alonso E.

aorto ha detto...

So happy to have found you again! Thought these were gone forever. Many, many thank yous!

Superciuk ha detto...

bentrovati! (happy to see you!)

djguccigang ha detto...

Wassup!Thanks for sharing!I like your blog!If someone intrested in good samples and loops,i left link for u -